Rich Schefren the Internet Marketing Guru?

rich-schefrenPicture a group of slightly angry looking, neighborhood ‘home boys’ standing on the street corner….obviously looking for a fight with somebody. And then some dude comes walking down the street, very confident, well dressed, and obviously not intimidated at all by the local wannabee King-pins.

So one of the home-boys looks over at one of his buddies and says, “Hey…who’s dat guy?”

The other guy answers, “Ohhhh, that’s Rich Schefren, the dude who runs Strategic Profits with its famous Products the Business Growth System 2.0 as well as The Traffic Strategist, which just launched together with Justin Brooke or the new ProfitHacks System from Rich and Pete Williams!”

And immediately there’s a whole new sense of silent respect and admiration for this new guy in the neighborhood even though they know him only by reputation.

Of course that’s a take off on a scene from lots of Hollywood movies and we all know how the plot usually goes. The good guys always win, right? But the same thing actually does happen in almost any competitive environment and internet marketing is certainly no exception.

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If Rich Schefren was ever cast in a role in a movie like that, probably what would happen would be that he’d wind up making friends with these apparent ‘bad guys’. And he’d probably wind up helping them start a business of some kind, be very successful and become big fans of his

If you’ve never heard of Rich, it’s probably because Rich doesn’t toot his own horn as much as a lot of the current crop of internet gurus. A lot of people do know who he is though…even though an equal number of people over the years have said to themselves, “Rich Schefren? Who’s he?”

Well, in the internet marketing world Rich Schefren has been around a lot longer than many of the names that get more press. In fact, a lot of them were his students at one time or another. Actually he’s more than just a guru. He’s a well educated, highly motivated, professional internet marketing machine.

That’s apparent from looking at his background both before and after he got into internet marketing.

Rich didn’t get into internet marketing because he was broke and had bills to pay. Rich got into internet marketing because he was already successful and he just wanted a bigger challenge and something more fulfilling.

Yes, it’s true that Rich enjoys all the benefits of a successful internet marketing lifestyle now….the nice house, cars, vacations, leisure time, family involvement, etc. But he earned it by walking-the-walk. He’s a guy who’s actually done what he teaches.

If you’re looking for someone to learn from (i.e. a real ‘guru’) you’d do well to take a look at Rich Schefren and his many products because he’s one of the new breed of successful IM’ers who bring a whole new level of education, experience and professionalism to the table.

Rich attended college on a scholarship from the prestigious accounting firm of Arthur Anderson. No doubt he would have gone to work for them upon graduation had he not heeded the distress cal in 1994 of his family’s ailing retail clothing business.

Rich analyzed the problems in the family business immediately and took the business from floundering to fantastic. Shortly thereafter however, he decided that he didn’t want to stay in that busienss forever so he went back to university to finish his degree.

After graduation from university Rich and his wife started a chain of hypnosis centers which were very successful. One reason for that was Rich’s uncanny ability to train, delegate, inspire and organize people. These are not skills of the average internet guru.

It was about this time that Rich took a look at internet marketing. He was immediately fascinated and immediately began to use his unique mix of skills to make money not only for himself but also to show others how to be better organized, do more business, make more money and still have more free time for the family.

That’s right, Rich has been an organizer and big thinker from beginning. And that’s the unique twist he brings to all his internet marketing products. Rich is a businessman. He understands the big picture of marketing and has been able to apply it to internet marketing. He was talking outsourcing long before it was the buzz word it is now. In fact, many of the people who are big on outsourcing now….they learned it from him.

Rich has helped thousands of people achieve their internet success vision because he shows them what works for him. He doesn’t hold ‘the good stuff’ back. Rich believes in people and his entire business mission is oriented toward helping others achieve success on the internet.